Curiosities – The Korean story: Secrets of an Economic Miracle

The Korean Story discusses the socio-political and historical context that has shaped the economic growth of South Korea. It probes into how South Korea,  post the Second World War, was able to transform its economy within three decades, to emerge as a leading innovation and technology center in the 21st century. 

It highlights South Korea’s current status in terms of human development indicators and the SDGs and offers insights on how other countries can achieve similar growth stories with structured reform and policy measures.”

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Curiosities – TMI?

TMI is a slang word Koreans use and it means ‘Too Much Information’. It is used when somebody gives too much information about himself/herself like what he did today, for example, information that nobody cares about.


 재원: Hi! How have you been? We haven’t seen each other all week.

 예현: Hi! I’m good! Well…I’ve been busy all week preparing for my exam and I could barely eat anything because of stress and my cats kept on meowing because I ignored them and forgot to feed them.

Curiosities – Raccoon cafe

If you like raccoons or just any furry animal this is the place for you. But be careful because you cannot bring with you any food, bags or other stuff…the raccoon might steal them from you!

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Curiosities – Have you ever heard of 밀당?

밀당 literally means ‘push and pull’ and it’s usually used by girls. 밀당  is when a girl acts like she’s not interested in a guy or just really busy (she wants to show him that she has things going on in her life even though she may not have). She would answer the phone after 3 calls or reply to his messages really late just to keep/leave him hanging.

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Curiosities – Korean dog cafe

From what I know some cafes require you to buy a drink to be able to hang out with the dogs and if you want you can buy them treats, but if you don’t you will probably be ignored!

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The Journey Begins

Welcome to my blog!

I am so happy that you are here! As you probably can tell, on this blog I will post Korean lessons in which I will be explaining to you the grammar points that I have learned. I also plan on talking about Korean culture and food sometime in the future. I hope you will gain a lot of knowledge about Korea and its language during your stay here.

Sunt atat de fericita ca esti aici! Dupa cum poti vedea, pe acest blog voi posta lectii de gramatica a limbii coreene pe care le-am invatat. De asemenea, planuiesc sa vorbesc si despre cultura coreeana si mancare candva in viitor. Sper ca vei acumula multe cunostinte despre Coreea si limba ei pe parcursul sederii tale aici.

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