About me

Hi! My name is Andreea and I am passionate about foreign languages. This blog is all about the Korean language which I began to love more and more while learning it.

It all started with K-Pop. I was so impressed by not only their talent, but also the attention and hard-work that was put in the creation process of the MVs (music videos). Their coreographies were perfect, synchronized and so dynamic…and their clothes – wow! Everything looked flawless.

K-Pop was the first reason for me to learn Korean because I wanted to understand what they were singing so badly! My second reason was…the Korean dramas…ah, those were my drugs. I loved watching them because I found them really funny (I kinda act like the female protagonist when, let’s say, I’m embarrassed, so I relate to her) and let’s be honest, they are really interesting and captivating, they have great stories. My favorite drama of all time is W. I even watched it more than once which I do not do usually. I have one more reason. Are you curious? I think you already know it, but I will still tell you. Drum roll, please – I want to visit Korea and you probably want, too.